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This blog welcomes and support emerging Caribbean Writers. I also review all books that interest me so feel free to reach out and ask for a review. 

The Thick of Things

— feeling amazing

As i grow older and wiser in love and life, i really like my leading romance ladies to be so much more than looking for Prince charming. In the Thick of Things, Khalila does not disappoint. She's independent, she's sexy and passionate about her life and others. We know that with or without Douglas she will survive, but i was routing for Douglas.  

Douglas, also very much an independent man is driven to prove himself to be worthy of a chance, so he thinks before he acts and reacts to Khalila. Which is all a man really has to figure out how to do to succeed with the woman he loves. 

This story is a wonderful read, it's sexy but sweet. It addresses deep issues of sorrow but gives hope and the reader is quickly taken up with the lives of each character. 

The best stories are those where you wonder about the love-story of the other characters because they've made such an impression on you and i hope to be reading about Corinne and even Trent at another time. 

JL Campbell has woven a charming tale of love, and second chances and i am pleased to be able to review and now recommended it to others. 

Keep Writing JL.

Source: http://www.caribbeanbooks.org/books/the-thick-of-things

Lightning Fire:The Blue Moon's Calling -TWO DAY FREE DOWNLOAD

Lightning Fire: The Blue Moon's Calling - Marsha Gomes-Mckie

Review:  Five star: 

"Oh for the love of Green eyes, strong chests and bare-chested shirts!!!!! This book has paranormal, werewolves, fairies, magic, sex, and more sex and a lot of sensual romance......... oh I am melting!!!! Thank you Ms Gomes-Mckie for sharing this amazing story with us, the readers!"


Synopsis: Almost 200 years ago the Fairy world turned to the Lycans for protection after a deadly vampire attack took away their flying magic. Although safe, they are faced with the reality that this same alliance have weaken their blood line and made it impossible for them to complete a successful blue moon ceremony since, to restore their magic.

With two months away from a blue moon’s rising, the monarchy is sure that crown Princess Lily is the key to save them, but as luck would have it a Lycan Alpha dies and Arn the new Alpha is not interested in signing a renewed alliance without a bride. Faced with choosing between the safety of his borders and the hand of his pure daughter Monarch Alcazar is forced to reveal that his daughter is a twin and offers Luna instead, in hope that she would please the wolf and buy them enough time to complete the ceremony.

Luna enters a world that not only unlocks the secret of her lineage but she realizes in a most embarrassing way that she actually has a powerful light that only comes out of her when Arn brings her to an orgasm. Arn commits to helping her master it and it triggers a suppressed memory from his childhood, which reveals what really happens the night his parents died. This insight into his past proves to be the key to helping him uncover the fact that he has inherited a complicated rule filled with betrayal, murder and strife. With pure nerve and brute force Arn fights to uncover the conspiracy which threatens to devastate the continuance of his pack. While Luna is called upon to step in and complete the Blue Moon ceremony herself when Lily fails, placing her in harm’s way.

Their ultimate success will only come when they both join forces to reconcile their past in time to save a world that depends only on the strength of their love to survive.

This book will be free to download on the 25 and 26 September 2016.


Please download, read and leave a review.  





THE GHOST – 2 day free download

The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane - Marsha Gomes-Mckie

Five star review: “I rather enjoyed this story. A story about a Caribbean Island with two resident demons, and the people who got caught between their individual snares. But mostly it was about Theodore and Madgalene; a ghost of a man, cursed for 100 years, and a young woman who desperately needs to take control of her own life. For them love was a trap, a poison and ultimately the one thing that could save them both.”


Synopsis: Magdalene inherits the neighborhood’s haunted house and she didn’t even know her family owned it.
She bravely decides to move in and finds the house is really haunted by a ghost who awakens her sensuality. He spends his time strumming an old grand piano and she knows she has found a soul mate for her violin.
When she digs into his past she unearths a family secret and comes face to face with a curse which threatens to hold more than her heart captive.
Magdalene starts a chain of events that puts them both at the mercy of an evil spirit.
Can she find the means to break the curse or is she destined to be yet another causality of the house on All Hallows Eve?


This book will be free to download on the 25 and 26 September 2016. Please download, read and leave a review.





Fire on Montserrat Review

Fire on Montserrat: -An Inspirational Caribbean Romance Novel- - Mrs. Catherine Dorsette

The author's depiction of Montserrat and its people is exceptional. I love books that make you want to visit the destination especially when it is a Caribbean destination.

Kyla and Spence are young lovers torn apart by the worst circumstance, a horrible natural disaster. Too many years go by but their love is still strong and it helps them to rekindle the fire quickly.

I struggled with Spence as he placed everyone who was in his life before on a perpetual “back burner” to make Kyla his once again. I liked Kyla’s spunk and her Christian resolve to face her past and make a future for herself that she would be proud of. These two characters personalities flowed from past to present and set the pace for a well laid out story.  

I loved the supporting characters and the surprise ending.

I secretly adore crazy, colorful villains who wreck havoc mercilessly but I accept that forgiveness is in keeping with the Christian genre. I promise not to re-write anything in my head to bring certain people doom.    

As a bonus, I went in search for Montserrat’s food explanations – ‘goat water’ confused me deeply until I found the recipe online.   

I wish the author all the best and look forward to reading more from her.

This review was completed through Caribbean Books Foundation review programme contact marsha(a)caribbeanbook.org


Reawakening (Regent Vampire Lords Book 3)

Reawakening - K.L. Kreig

Romaric Dietrich was as noble as I had hoped and bravado...Wow! I love how he held back at times but was more than the over-the-top classic vampire predator at other times. The sex as usual was awesome; I am beginning to think Mr. K.L. Kreig must be grinning somewhere or hiding under a table. Ha! I hope it is not the latter - kudos for such inspiration.

The villain went in a flash. I re-read the section wondering what happened; nevertheless I felt convinced enough to accept his fate as we have two blossoming love stories to look forward Giselle and Jake and Geoffrey and Beth. Well maybe three … there is a European Lord now who may be well matched for a certain aunt with a striking resemblance to someone’s else Moira.

Keep writing and we will keep reading!

Howl of the Holly by Bobbi Romans

Howl At the Holly - Bobbi Romans

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal) aka the best paranormal Goodreads group.


Bobbi Romans’ Holly of the Holly was a short book that I read in one night. It was an engaging romance with my favorite paranormal shifter, namely of the wolf kind. It was well written and hard not to fall in love with but I felt like this was book 2 and Zhara and Dax’s romance was book 1: Did I miss a book?


On the very last page of the book I read these word, “…For all the beastly things that were to come, this moment was as soft and sweet as hot cocoa in front of a large fire.” And my mind no longer sleepy was like What! OMG… What! Ok it was around 1:00 am in the morning and my imagination took a freaky turn.


I laughed all day.  Good read!

Selima and the Merfolk by Vanessa Salazar

Selima and the Merfolk - Vanessa Salazar

I am a sucker for happy ending so whenever I read a book, I secretly say to myself please don’t let this be an undercover tragedy. I get so caught up in a book that I literally feel like throwing it if the ending is horrid. (ok I have thrown some.)


I am pleased to report that ‘Selima and the Merfolk’ was enchanting. The book was full of beautiful descriptions and real emotions. It captured the local culture perfectly; anyone who has been to the beach Vanessa Salazar writes about will search their memory to remember those rocks. Youngsters and adults will relate to it. In the end I felt a little worried about Dave’s relationship but I look forward to enjoying more magic as the second book is published. I hope the manuscript is already in the works.    


Overall, ‘Selima and the Merfolk’ was a refreshing read.


I felt like driving up to Las Cuevas, as I am in Trinidad to see if I can cross the jagged rocks into the isolated beach and find the hidden pool. Maybe I will someday.


Fatal Call

Fatal Call (New Breed Novels Book 4) - Martha Bourke, Debra Hartmann, Natasha Brown

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. (LOP or Lovers of Paranormal on Goodreads)

The books that make up these “Calls” seem to be an amazing story. Reading this one was a bit of a sneak peek to see if I liked the concept and I did.  I have to admit I should have read the books before to appreciate it better.

There were so many relationships under that one roof, most of whose history I didn't know so it didn’t feel like it was a whole story but an episode which I intruded on. The book’s synopsis spoke about one couple, who as I read weren’t the main characters as their story was just part of the entire plot. I am a one couple kind of reader; it was just too many lives to root for at the same time. I was also confused how a certain couple (trying not to “spoiler”) could be having mating symptoms without getting the mating call outright. When another couple was having the same symptoms and mated. It’s either you are mating or you’re not.    

It was hard to read as a standalone book but it benefited greatly from having a wonderful writer. I’m rating it at 4 because I wanted to see more history/backstory for persons who didn’t read the entire series.  

Inner City Girl

Inner City Girl - Colleen Smith-Dennis

The strange thing about dialect is that it isn’t universal. It enriches a book for a particular market but sets it apart for another. Whenever I try to figure out what a “slang/colloquial” word may mean, it usually isn’t what it means. Months after in conversation I get that enlightened look and have to go back to the book.

Inner City girl started with heavy dialect. The conversation was rich enough to have me regretting I ever lent out my copy of “Cote ci Cote la.”

The book however would be nothing without it. The heavy dialect did more to frame the poverty than any other words. I could almost hear Martina’s mother’s slurs and understood Martina’s need to be different. The book outgrew the dialect as Martina grew: simple and subtle. The story was unique, a passionate advocate for overcoming life obstacles with determination. Another good read.      

Musical Youth

Musical Youth - Joanne C. Hillhouse

This was a sweet coming of age romance. I found myself saying awwww way too often. Shaka is the guy who falls hard for his girl and his animated crew lives the romance with him. Zahara is complicated but the music frees her, each cord brings her to herself. Many times in Caribbean books you reminisce about how your childhood compared and Pappy was it for me: holding everyone and everything together with simple finesse that you didn’t even notice it. Grandparents are wonderful.  


I have to admit that I was once weary of reading Caribbean fiction because they tend to get dark quickly and I don’t read books to be depressed. I am pleased to say that Joanne’s Musical Youth was refreshing and uplifting. Write on Joanne, write on.   



All Over Again

All Over Again - A-dZiko Simba Gegele

Growing up there must have been someone in your life to make you understand A-dziko’s words … “That is what he says and you wonder how that happens, how talking means you are a big man and not talking means you are a big man. And just as you are trying to figure out if you should keep quiet, or if you should talk or if you should run, out comes more unreasonableness.”


All over again captivated me and took me back years. I laughed out loud and fell in love with each one of the characters. I will recommend this book to everyone not just Caribbean nationals because the theme is universal. Growing up is a journey that is all yours and no one can live it for you. Cheers!  

Alora Review by Megan Linski

Alora - Megan Linski

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal).


Alora’s plot started slowly. I felt like I was back at a pubescent campsite waiting for the next person in line to finish the story that began with one sentence an hour ago. I kept reading backwards thinking I had missed an explanation about the Windcomer (why did he have so much to say? Was he the enemy or the therapist?) or about Anmortals (e.g. at the end of the book we learnt about a prophecy of how all the Anmortal’s would be saved. This would have been a great introduction; I imagined an exquisite narration of how the world was with only anmortals until only one was left before we cue in to the heroine.)


At the end of the book I understood the plot and I liked the premise and ending but I wished I could have gotten there faster. There were too many conversation fillers that added words instead of excitement and the story has excitement potential. The pace needed to keep going and the heroine was sometimes to dreary for her own good. This story will be a great read as a shorter story for young adults, it has a real fairy tale feel to it but it should be condensed for impact.


Belonging - K.L. Kreig

Belonging (A Regent Vampire Lords Book 2) - K.L. Kreig

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal) aka the best paranormal goodreads group.

Ok, I read the first book and it was hot, but I wasn’t sure what else K.L. Kreig could come with to make the same scenario feel new. So I lagged in reading the second book but she pulled out her kinky wand and trumped it. This Lord was an ass with no character in the first book but proved to warrant a romance match deserving humor and style. Bravo! I didn’t regret reading it.

The playlist idea was great but I didn’t know half of the songs (yep I’m lame). If you are a devouring reader stopping to you-tube a song isn’t an option. I am sure everything was relevant but some references just went over my head.

As usual, Xavier psycho-personality didn’t fail but this time he missed the show-down. I can’t say I mind.

The good news is in this one I felt the next Lord’s personality was developed so I am intrigued in finding out more about his story.  

Surrendering by K.L. Kreig

Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords) (Volume 1) - K.L. Kreig

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal) aka the best paranormal goodreads group.
I love when any paranormal writer gives the folklore a twist of their own and K.L. Kreig did a great job of setting the scene. It may not be everyone’s fancy because this book really did humanize vampires but after True Blood, why not? We just love it. Having a hot sexy girl fall head over heels within a few days with a hot sexy vampire, in-between moans and groans was also totally expected but to my relief the story didn’t dull. The love story was sweet, the sex and banter was great.
I appreciate a villain who I can almost route for but this villain was just a psycho. I kept thinking since everyone else is rather sane how did he get so wacky, moose blood maybe. I feel as if I took him out of the story, the romance part of it would still stand.
At the end of the book I found myself interested in Giselle’s or Ren’s love story than the other Lord’s because their characters had a pull to them.

The Impaler's legacy (Omnibus)

The Impaler Legacy Omnibus - Ioana Visan

I was given these books in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal).

I liked the idea of a new breed of vampires and the council concept which made for an intriguing read. I felt both concepts were original, kudos to the writer for giving ‘vamps’ a new spin. Even though it was a well written book, the first book in the series the “Impaler legacy,” was hard for me to read. I was initially very excited to find the main character was female and with the name of the book and the background scenarios, I think I pumped myself up for a female warrior-type story-line. So I kept waiting for her to kick ass and not just speak ass. Instead she was a bit of a basket case at times and she was surrounded by men whose only duty was to save her, literally.

In addition, I kept thinking if so many citizens went to the academy, why were there so few women, not just in the Pandurs but anywhere in the ranks. Even if she had a female kick ass bodyguard I would be happy. Didn’t any woman in the entire country think, “Hey, I can take this training and I can fight vamps and save my country too.” At some point it felt like Liana was the only women in the world, standing on top of it surrounded by an army of men.

So, after the first book I took a break, to consider if I wanted to invest in the second, which I did read and did not regret.

“A Victory that Counts,” the rest of the Omnibus edition was an easier read because I came to terms with the first book. I allowed myself to relax and I read it with no expectations. I enjoyed the second book and read it with lightning speed. The characters stayed true to their initial descriptions and everything cumulated perfectly. I just need to remind the writer if there is a book three in the making that a certain someone needs “digging out.” (I’ll say no more on that.)

This is a strong series and I enjoyed the experience of reading the books. I like it when I get involved in a story, whatever emotion comes out is welcome and I am sure you will too.

You can find the book on AMAZON



Immagica - K. A. Last

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal).


Immagica was a refreshing read but I have to admit by mid-read I felt too old for the book since I had already guessed the ending. I was off by one small bit which was a little disappointing because it was the main reason I was rooting for the book; the two wonderful strong female heroes who I hoped would save themselves and save the day.  I was partially vindicated. I love the fact that the book opens the reader to a new world with possibilities of many other adventures which I hope is forthcoming. I would buy the book for a young/teenage family member because there are elements that speak to today’s popular shows in addition to new elements which I feel they would relate too.


I really liked the female hero storyline who stood out because she was tough, loyal and sometimes afraid but she persevered. I hope she inspires young girls everywhere.