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Alora Review by Megan Linski

Alora - Megan Linski

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal).


Alora’s plot started slowly. I felt like I was back at a pubescent campsite waiting for the next person in line to finish the story that began with one sentence an hour ago. I kept reading backwards thinking I had missed an explanation about the Windcomer (why did he have so much to say? Was he the enemy or the therapist?) or about Anmortals (e.g. at the end of the book we learnt about a prophecy of how all the Anmortal’s would be saved. This would have been a great introduction; I imagined an exquisite narration of how the world was with only anmortals until only one was left before we cue in to the heroine.)


At the end of the book I understood the plot and I liked the premise and ending but I wished I could have gotten there faster. There were too many conversation fillers that added words instead of excitement and the story has excitement potential. The pace needed to keep going and the heroine was sometimes to dreary for her own good. This story will be a great read as a shorter story for young adults, it has a real fairy tale feel to it but it should be condensed for impact.