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This blog welcomes and support emerging Caribbean Writers. I also review all books that interest me so feel free to reach out and ask for a review. 

My Soul Cries

My Soul Cries - Cher Cobin

With a lyrical symphony Cher takes you on a splendid journey of words. All you need is a cup of tea and a chair to rest your feet on and you will be sweep away by the realness and elegance of the poetry in this book. I read the book in one take and was overwhelmed by the talent.


I look forward to seeing more from this author.


In addition the cover art is splendid.


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Marsha Gomes Mckie

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If I Never went Home (Book Review)

I appreciated the realness of the story as it looked at growing up in the Caribbean in a small village and the effects that it had on both of the main characters in Trinidad and even after migrating to Boston.  The certainty that your childhood stays with you and shapes you into the person you become or doesn’t become holds true and it was well portrayed.

I have to admit that I took a while to get accustomed to the fact that the story had two main voices because Bea had frequent flashbacks to her childhood when the second character, Tina was also a child. I did a bit of re-reading before I could find my bearings. Nevertheless once found, I read it with ease and comfort.      

I would have liked to find out more about how Bea made the transition from patient to doctor after that final blow with her mother. She didn’t have any support to overcome it and she had a bad track record. Her character matured somewhere in the book to take that leap of faith in the end and I was waiting for the flashback to go through it with her. I am also a sucker for a happy romantic endings and I was looking forward to at least one, but my bubble got burst quickly especially with the good doctor. Ha! 

I connected with Tina, a very strong character who was dealt a hard deal in life and she pushed back, sometimes too hard while forgetting to develop principles of her own. Life really isn’t about how much you fall and she persevered into my heart as I routed for her in spite of and would love to hear more about her story.   

The book touched on many family issues and lifestyle consequences like incest, adultery, divorce, domestic violence and everything in between. This is my first read from the author Ingrid Persaud and I look forward to reading other books from her.


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Marsha Gomes Mckie

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The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane

The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane  - M. Mckie

If you are like me and you like soft horror (eerie but nothing that keeps you up at night) this Ghost Romance will do the trick.


Magdalene inherits the neighborhood’s haunted house when her grandmother dies but she didn’t even know her family owned it. She bravely decides to move in and finds that the house is really haunted by a ghost who awakens her sensuality. He spends his time strumming an old grand piano and she knows she has found a soul mate for her violin. As she digs into his past she unearths a family secret and comes face to face with a curse that threatens to hold more than her heart captive. She wants to free him so badly so that they could be together but in the process she starts a chain of events that puts them both at the mercy of an evil spirit. Can she find the means to break the curse or is she destined to be yet another causality of the house on Halloween?  



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Source: http://www.amazon.com/The-Ghost-Cheshill-Lane-Mckie-ebook/dp/B00GAMS2RK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383144123&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Ghost+at+1+Cheshill+lane

Review - Thirty Scary Tales

Thirty Scary Tales - Rayne Hall

I was apprehensive about reading this book because the truth is I usually don't like to be scared beyond my wits. It stays in my sub-conscious for days and I feel eerie. Nevertheless I agreed to review.

This book was not scary and never once did I throw it and run in the next direction and I read it at night. It was eerie, ironic and spoke to complicated karma on so many levels that it kept me intrigued, sometimes disturbed and frowning but never without interest. Some of the characters hit home as I have a fear of strange animals in every form and I would not want to be in their shoes, ever. I felt sorry for a few of them and I felt like slapping some others. I longed for a happy ending when there wasn’t any and accepted the fate of other willingly.

It was a good read and I was happy I did read the entire book as one of the final stories became my favorite. I was surprised that after the last story I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t scared out of my wits as per the title.

I would recommend this as a read this season and anytime you want something thrilling to read. I am positive everyone would identify with a different story because of their personal fears and that is really the lure of it.     

Lightning Fire - The Blue Moon's calling

Almost 200 years ago the Fairy world turned to the Lycans for protection after a deadly vampire attack took away their flying magic. Although safe, they are faced with the reality that this same alliance have weaken their blood line and made it impossible for them to complete a successful blue moon ceremony since, to restore their magic.

With two months away from a blue moon’s rising, the monarchy is sure that crown Princess Lily is the key to save them, but as luck would have it a Lycan Alpha dies and Arn the new Alpha is not interested in signing a renewed alliance without a bride. Faced with choosing between the safety of his borders and the hand of his pure daughter Monarch Alcazar is forced to reveal that his daughter is a twin and offers Luna instead, in hope that she would please the wolf and buy them enough time to complete the ceremony.

Luna enters a world that not only unlocks the secret of her lineage but she realizes in a most embarrassing way that she actually has a powerful light that only comes out of her when Arn brings her to an orgasm. Arn commits to helping her master it and it triggers a suppressed memory from his childhood, which reveals what really happens the night his parents died. This insight into his past proves to be the key to helping him uncover the fact that he has inherited a complicated rule filled with betrayal, murder and strife. 


With pure nerve and brute force Arn fights to uncover the conspiracy which threatens to devastate the continuance of his pack. While Luna is called upon to step in and complete the Blue Moon ceremony herself when Lily fails, placing her in harm’s way. 

Their ultimate success will only come when they both join forces to reconcile their past in time to save a world that depends only on the strength of their love to survive.


Adult content

Source: http://www.marshagomes.com/romance-novels.html
"One God. Many paths. Just because you put down my path does not make your path more justifiable. "

A House for Mr. Biswas

A House for Mr Biswas - V.S. Naipaul

This book was riveting and simple. It looked at the emotions behind loving and living and pride and family interventions. I love how he noticed that he only really got his wife's loyalty after they moved out of the shared family home and went on their own. Their family was able to focus on their goals and prospered but it also made me sad to see that it couldn't be accomplished in the age old community way.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams & Reaching Your Destiny - Robin S. Sharma A great book to start the thinking process.