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The Impaler's legacy (Omnibus)

The Impaler Legacy Omnibus - Ioana Visan

I was given these books in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal).

I liked the idea of a new breed of vampires and the council concept which made for an intriguing read. I felt both concepts were original, kudos to the writer for giving ‘vamps’ a new spin. Even though it was a well written book, the first book in the series the “Impaler legacy,” was hard for me to read. I was initially very excited to find the main character was female and with the name of the book and the background scenarios, I think I pumped myself up for a female warrior-type story-line. So I kept waiting for her to kick ass and not just speak ass. Instead she was a bit of a basket case at times and she was surrounded by men whose only duty was to save her, literally.

In addition, I kept thinking if so many citizens went to the academy, why were there so few women, not just in the Pandurs but anywhere in the ranks. Even if she had a female kick ass bodyguard I would be happy. Didn’t any woman in the entire country think, “Hey, I can take this training and I can fight vamps and save my country too.” At some point it felt like Liana was the only women in the world, standing on top of it surrounded by an army of men.

So, after the first book I took a break, to consider if I wanted to invest in the second, which I did read and did not regret.

“A Victory that Counts,” the rest of the Omnibus edition was an easier read because I came to terms with the first book. I allowed myself to relax and I read it with no expectations. I enjoyed the second book and read it with lightning speed. The characters stayed true to their initial descriptions and everything cumulated perfectly. I just need to remind the writer if there is a book three in the making that a certain someone needs “digging out.” (I’ll say no more on that.)

This is a strong series and I enjoyed the experience of reading the books. I like it when I get involved in a story, whatever emotion comes out is welcome and I am sure you will too.

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