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Fatal Call

Fatal Call (New Breed Novels Book 4) - Martha Bourke, Debra Hartmann, Natasha Brown

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. (LOP or Lovers of Paranormal on Goodreads)

The books that make up these “Calls” seem to be an amazing story. Reading this one was a bit of a sneak peek to see if I liked the concept and I did.  I have to admit I should have read the books before to appreciate it better.

There were so many relationships under that one roof, most of whose history I didn't know so it didn’t feel like it was a whole story but an episode which I intruded on. The book’s synopsis spoke about one couple, who as I read weren’t the main characters as their story was just part of the entire plot. I am a one couple kind of reader; it was just too many lives to root for at the same time. I was also confused how a certain couple (trying not to “spoiler”) could be having mating symptoms without getting the mating call outright. When another couple was having the same symptoms and mated. It’s either you are mating or you’re not.    

It was hard to read as a standalone book but it benefited greatly from having a wonderful writer. I’m rating it at 4 because I wanted to see more history/backstory for persons who didn’t read the entire series.