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The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane

The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane  - M. Mckie

If you are like me and you like soft horror (eerie but nothing that keeps you up at night) this Ghost Romance will do the trick.


Magdalene inherits the neighborhood’s haunted house when her grandmother dies but she didn’t even know her family owned it. She bravely decides to move in and finds that the house is really haunted by a ghost who awakens her sensuality. He spends his time strumming an old grand piano and she knows she has found a soul mate for her violin. As she digs into his past she unearths a family secret and comes face to face with a curse that threatens to hold more than her heart captive. She wants to free him so badly so that they could be together but in the process she starts a chain of events that puts them both at the mercy of an evil spirit. Can she find the means to break the curse or is she destined to be yet another causality of the house on Halloween?  



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